Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Crib Success!

Kizzie shared her toddler bed success story. Today I'll share my crib success!
This picture was taken two days before I went into labor. I had such high hopes for this crib, I searched for months for the perfect crib and nothing compared to this one. Besides, it was the cheapest anyway!

This is what I wanted to happen once Pixie was born...

She lasted less than two minutes in there.
The crib has been only a pretty piece of furniture...until today! Today my crib was actually functional!
I have been racking my brain on what to do to get Pixie to sleep on her own. Even during the day the only way she'll nap, not on me, is if I put her in her swing. Even when she's sleeping in the car she'll wake up if we turn it off or come to a stop light. She constantly has to be moving or smashed up next to me.
Yesterday I came across the forum of The Baby Whisperer. I had been looking for a solution that didn't involve "crying it out". I was almost to the point that I was going to try that, but I have read so many things on it and I just didn't want to do it.
So, I decided to try her "Pat/Shush" method today for Pixie's naps.
This is for babies under 4 months old. She has other modified methods for older babies. The idea is to put them in their crib when they are sleepy and almost going to fall asleep. You pat their back and make a shushing sound. If they cry a lot, you can pick them up and do it on your shoulder to calm them down and then put them back in the crib. The idea is to help them calm themselves while you are there comforting them, leaving them emotionally connected. Things they need to fall asleep like bouncing or a pacifier are called props and should be avoided.

For sure Pixie's "prop" is motion. Being rocked or bounced is the only way she would go to sleep besides being nursed.
So, today I tried it. I didn't think it would work when she wouldn't even calm down on my shoulder for me to put her in the crib. She screamed so loud in my ear I wore an earplug. Enough time went by that I decided to feed her again. She calmed down after eating a bit, then we tried it again. I used a box fan for white noise. This time she did pretty well and fell asleep only a few seconds after she stopped crying. It took 1 1/2 hours total for me to get her to sleep and she slept 45 min. in the crib! Hooray! That was a victory in itself. However, for her next nap it only took 8..yes..EIGHT minutes for her to fall asleep and she slept for a little over an hour!
I don't know that I'll try it at night yet, Scott is home tonight and there is no good reason why we both have to be up all night. I'll try it over the 3 nights he's at work, I'll be nice and exhausted by the time church comes around!

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Kizzie and Andy said...

Karen, that's awesome!! It's so great when they sleep on their own without being held! Hopefully she keeps at it! It will be a huge relief for you!!