Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day

 We didn't do anything planned on Valentine's Day, but one of the departments Scott manages sent him home at lunch with goodies for us. They made awesomely decorated brownie bites and heart cookies for me.
Pixie loved them.

She's a strange one. She licks off the frosting, but doesn't like cookies. She actually asked me for a lightly salted rice cake instead. While I'd rather give her the icing and take just the cookie!

Her first self portrait. I let her use the camera the other day. She's been carrying around our old one telling everyone to say cheese. I noticed she was doing it from different angles and heights one stairs, etc. I think it's from the photo shoot with did with Sam! She's going to love her birthday present I got for her on black Friday.

I helped with this one a little.

I included these last two just because she looks so old in them. My baby isn't a baby anymore!

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She's in the kitchen! said...

If I guess what you bought Pixie for her birthday, do I win a prize? :)

Our little Pixie has definitely lost her baby looks, but is replaced with little girl cutesy. Thanks for all the new pictures!