Friday, February 18, 2011

A Good Lookin' Classical Rocker

I first heard of David Garrett through a blog giveaway of his cd, back in 2009. He had his first US tour that year, but that was back when Scott had just graduated and was looking for a second job, with not much luck. So, I missed out. 
Last August tickets came on sale for another tour, this time in Omaha, so this time we got some for February 8th! Unbeknown to us, we were going to decide to move almost two hours farther away a week beforehand for a new job.
With Scott just finishing training and being on his own the day before the concert, needless to say, he didn't think it was a good idea for him to take work off on a Tuesday and Wednesday. 
This person to go with me.




James watched Pixie and their children for us, so we drove up to Omaha and had a blast. 
We even managed to innocently and accidentally park in a restricted access parking garage through the fault of a faulty system. Had it occurred to me that we entered wrongfully? Yes. But I had a splitting headache and it was 2 degrees outside. Did I think how we would be able to get back in? No. I did not. We preyed upon the kindness of the security guard to let us back in, but had it been warmer, I'm sure we could have gotten in another way. Either way, even though we appeared like dumb out-of-towners, we got free close parking!

The show was spectacular. We had 5th row center seats. If you haven't heard of David Garrett before, I urge you to look into it. He is the record holder of being the fastest violinist in the world. He plays classical music, but also arranges rock music into his repertoire. My favorite of the night had to have been Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Amazing. I pocket dialed my parents and Scott, just so they could experience some of it.

He seems so genuine and nice, maybe because he's still new to the world wide fame. 
He seems to be good friends with his band and shares a lot of the spotlight with them.
The stories he told were cute. One was of when he was with his parents vacationing in Italy (he's mostly German). He wanted a toy, but his parents said no, so he decided to become a street performer. He played for an hour and got up enough money to buy what he wanted. It was the first time he had thought about making a career out of playing the violin!
He does a lot of meet and greets, but we didn't stick around as it was about 0 degrees when we left. And I read on Facebook that he had to be in NY the next day. I found out later that he did a very very short meet and greet. Sure it might have been cool to say hello, but that's not the reason I went!
He is pretty easy on the eyes. He modeled for Versace I think it was, while going to Juiliard.

Here's the song I liked. It was amazing live, even though I own the cds. They had a smoke machine that added just the right touch to the whole show. Love, love, loved it!
And also remember, if rock isn't your thing or all your thing, he plays classical music with the same, if not more passion.

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She's in the kitchen! said...

He is amaaaaazing! Glad you two were able to experience his music in person!