Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sauer Kraut and Mister Snake

Lunch conversation with a two year old. 
I overhear from the kitchen "I like a the sauer tout". I sit down with my dear toddler and she continues. "It's so awishious". Next is a bite of crunchy lettuce "mmmmm". She tries only one bean from Aunt Becca's BBQ baked beans. We were lucky enough to get that one bean in her, she won't accept any more. Even though they are yummy to me. Seitan is gobbled up, but surprisingly not as much (or as fast) as the sauer kraut. Definitely my daughter. Random Kipper quotes are spouted and I decide to record the rest of our exchange. 

P.S. Mister Snake varies in different forms day after day.



She's in the kitchen! said...

Yep, that would be my favorite too...sauer-tout! Make her a sauerkraut sandwich, with mustard...yum! She's definitely my granddaughter. I'm not fond of beans either.

How precious these videos are that you put on here! She will love you for them as she gets older. We love you for them now! :D

Kizzie said...

Jack was watching with me and every time you asked "where's mr. snake?" he shouted "right here! riiight heeere!"

Rebecca said...

How cute! Bean was watching her and got all interested and happy when she said "peekaboo"!

I'm glad you liked the beans.

@Kizzie Lol!

maridee said...

Papa Bear and I just watched this again! It is so cute and I just can't believe all the food she loves -- most children have to become adults before they learn to like some of the great food she already likes. Keep the videos coming -- we adore them! Love & Hugs...

Helmbunch said...

Thank you for sharing this clip. It made me smile to watch her pick up the sauerkrout with her fingers and eat it. That is how I eat it as well. Funny though, I am the only one in my entire family that will eat sauerkrout. The rest of my lovelies spend thier time saying eewwweee! and plugging thier nose.