Monday, October 11, 2010

Enjoying the Nice Weather...While it Lasts!

We've just been enjoying these last days of our indian summer.
Two weeks ago we visited the Deanna Rose Farmstead. It was perfect weather and there was a lot more to the park than I thought. The best part is that it's free during the week. You just pay for feed or rides.

All the goats were mauling her to get to the bottle, so Scott and I cornered this one and acted as a barrier against the jumping others.

 Those are all the farm pictures I have. I forgot to bring extra camera batteries!
This has been Pixie's favorite play time activity lately. She is obsessed with Kipper the Dog. She likes to go around the house with a blanket as a cape and say she is "Wonder Dog". Sometimes she says she is "Super Girl" that's to the rescue, and puts glasses on a stuffed animal to be Wonder Dog. In one episode of Kipper they start reading a scary book over and over again, but keep getting interrupted. She now likes to recite the book and play with a flashlight, under this blanket. 

Saturday we went to PumpkinFest for about an hour. It's a small redneck festival, so we never stay long. They did have a llama, wallaby, cavy, and other interesting animals in the petting zoo area though.

We found out that Scott's group is definitely going to be addressed for positions in the October 18th FAA panel, for air traffic control. It's still a long shot, mixed with luck, but we'll be praying that he gets an offer. All prayers for this effort are appreciated!

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