Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pixie's Tree Mural

 It took me forever to finish, but I finally did it!
Pixie kept pointing out to me that there were a few leaves not painted and I needed to finish it. So yesterday (while dutifully checking my blood pressure in between) I grabbed my paintbrush and paint and got to work on the last few leaves and leaf detail. 
I have never had any type of art instruction, so this was a big thing to risk! Don't judge. :)
I am pleased with how it turned out. I wanted something a little odd and whimsical, but still pleasing and not so imposing. 

Pixie's room is still not finished. The trim will be painted white, the floor will have carpet (as soon as the basement is ready to be laid with it...whenever that will be), I have some pink throw pillows to sew and her pink curtains will have ribbon/fabric rosette tie backs shortly. I also have to fix the curtains hanging on her closet. I haven't been able to pick out special furniture for her room, so I had to use a black bookshelf. Not the ideal color, but I'll keep an eye out for something else to revamp at garage sales this year!
I will post when some of these projects are finished! Of course, at some point, her new baby brother will probably impose on her room for a while. Until we feel comfortable putting one or both in rooms downstairs.

 Here is a picture after I sketched it, then painted it in. Scott wasn't sure about adding leaves, but Pixie was insistent. I was a little nervous, but I knew it 'could' look good. So I did it!

Here it is finished:

I still can't figure out if I want to leave the bottom like this, add something at the bottom, or just bring it all the way down to the trim. I've seen them done all different ways.


Samantha Lord said...

Oh my goodness, you are AMAZING!!! I love this!!!! Truly...yo are fantastic :)

Kizzie said...

That's awesome, it turned out so so cute! And I love it with the leaves!

Hales Family said...

You did a GREAT job! I'm glad you took it on because it turned out wonderful. The leaves add a lot too.