Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pixie's Serenade

Pixie and I are home today, as Scott's always working far away in our old town on Saturdays. 
I got up the energy to start going through Pixie's toys and clothes and start organizing everything. She was helping me a lot (I was hiding the things I was bagging to get rid of!) and she came across the child's guitar that Scott has had for years. 
I took a break and went on my laptop to check something. Pixie decided to take a break too, and serenade me. I quickly went and got the camera, then asked her to sing me another song.
She has a cold, so she isn't as easy to understand and I think her nose started running during the song.
I thought it was cute anyway. Here is what I got from the lyrics of "Pixie's Song".

Pixie's Song:
Is really fun and I really sing a song.
Then I really say sorry.
And I found the castle! When I see the things. And I see the lights.....E,F,G.
And I found that letters are E,S,B and W and H and healthy, Q and S and Q!
And I hear the presents not talking. And when I....when my mom told me to open the presents on Christmas. And my mom told me Christmas is over!
And I see the coats when I was found the coats and singing a really quick song.
How I want to....and I be a...when I found the...when I found the blankets and give it to me, when I was being alone.
When I was singing really of my song

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