Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

 The week of Christmas was a busy one for us. We started the week as usual, Scott working almost non-stop Sunday through late Tuesday night. The week before hand we decide to take a job offered Scott, in a town almost two hours away. More on that later, but we did some more research on Wednesday morning, then went to lunch at the local yummy Chinese restaurant. I happen to have worked there a few years ago. We visited afterward and the day slipped by, as Scott's siblings came and had a Rock Band war with us on the Wii. Thursday we went to the town we'll be living in to look at houses, and put an offer on one. There were a few offers in, so we're in the process of waiting to find out the outcome.
Friday, Christmas Eve, we visited more with family and readied ourselves for Christmas. We drove through the holiday park with Scott's siblings and saw all of the lights.

Christmas morning Pixie woke up at 8, so I only had to hold her off for an hour until Scott came home from work. We let her open her stocking while we read the Christmas story. It's a good thing I didn't wrap anything in it. She had taken out Disney princesses magnets and nothing else by the time we were done!

Gold coins are kind of an unspoken tradition in our family. We realized this year that at least three of our families got them.

Terence Pez dispenser from Tinker Bell. Those candies were gone in a flash. I think she sneaked them into bed with her.

This is the neatest little toy violin. I found it on Amazon. It plays 18 different songs. How fast you bow is how fast the song plays. And it only plays when you bow, unless it's on demo. It's really cool! Dad noticed that it's made for a lefty, but she won't really care I guess! I thought that was funny though.

She's eyed these in the store for some time. She got a bit freaked out, but then later was fine with it.

Nova also loved the duckling. She kept goosing it and knocking it over when it quacked.

I know, she was totally spoiled this year! I actually held back a few things for her birthday.

Scott and I got most of our Christmas gifts early for ourselves. We got each other a few things to open. This is an Anderson "Spider" Silva MMA shirt. I've been eying it for over a year for him. It's his favorite fighter and I really like him too. When I get to see it.

No presents for doggies!

Grandma Maridee made matching scarves for us women. Isn't this adorable?

Adorning some gifts from Maridee and Dennis!

We went to my parent's house for dinner that night. Rebecca's family was sick, so they didn't come. It was a bummer, but we had a nice time anyway. 

Here's Pixie dancing with her grandpa.

My Dad and brother, Joseph.


Pixie was using wrapping paper as a blanket.

With  her grandma and grandpa.

She wanted to play with her toys again when we got home, late as it was. She's riding her tricycle while holding her duck, Terrence Pez, and Tinker Bell toothbrush.


Rebecca said...

I love Scarlett's expression in that last picture!

Amy Ramsey said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas also! I saw the coins this year but didn't get them in time so will do it next year! Love you all and Happy New Year!