Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Snow!

The millionth snowstorm of the season.
So, we've already had 40 inches of snowfall this season. Before this storm. Our last storm was Friday. I finally buckled down and took Pixie out in the snow just to play. We lasted about 10 minutes. It was too cold and wet for the gloves we had on, but at least we got to use her snowsuit and boots at least once! 
This picture was taken around 11am.
And this was taken at around 3:30pm. It has snowed non-stop all day and it doesn't look like it's going to stop. It's 5pm now and still going strong. We're in the heaviest band of the area. I keep hoping this will be the last storm of the season, but I keep reading on the weather blogs that we'll have snow into March. Drat.


Helmbunch said...

Oh my heavens!! She looks just so cute. I am so sick of the snow and ready for spring flowers.

The Gosfam said...

I am sorry you have to suffer through winter :) I can only stand snow for a little while. Your daughter is too cute.