Thursday, September 10, 2009


As in, it's been forever since I've posted something.
Really, my cop out is this. Remember how the desktop got that virus? Well, Scott fixed it and then the whole hard drive crashed two days after that. So, I haven't blogged because I like to blog with pictures and I haven't downloaded the software on the laptop yet.
Also, I am using a dinosaur of a laptop at this moment. Which is, I swear, the same exact laptop that Tom Hanks uses in the movie "You've Got Mail". It freezes up about every 20 minutes or so.
I have been able to use Scott's newer laptop for the past few days. This is because I have some good news! Scott found a second job! He is working in the same capacity as he is now (with mentally handicapped people), but with a different company. He has been working on call for them, then started full time this week. If all goes well in securing the two clients in a house, he'll be a house manager next month over his own home. So, his schedule is like this right now.

Monday- Thursday 7am-3pm
Thursday 6pm-7am (Friday morning)
Friday 7am-3pm
Friday 5pm-9am (Saturday morning)
Saturday 9pm-8am (Sunday morning)

Kinda crazy I know, but he really likes his job. Besides the fact that there aren't many jobs hiring right now, there is job security in this field. Health care seems to be one field that is growing, instead of downsizing.
We are hoping to be able to move soon. We were hoping to sell a business property that would give us a down payment right now to look for one, but that isn't happening. So, we'll have to save for one and hope that our dream home comes up for sale next year. We get pickier and pickier as we see all the good deals go by. My brother-in-law is a realtor and shows us how much house you can get for a cheaper price now. I sometimes avoid looking because I start pining.

We are without hot water and water to the washing machine right now. The water heater started leaking even more and the whole basement had water in it. I sucked most of it up last night and we bought a new water heater, but we need to find someone that can install it. We have a friend in church that can do it, but we're trying to figure out scheduling.

So, besides the stinky water heater issue, life is looking up! Scott has decent work, I have another Pampered Chef show coming up, I started a new eating plan for the next six weeks, and Scott has tomorrow night off so we can go camping at the church camp out!

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Kizzie said...

Talk about crazy schedule!! Wow!

I wish our ward would do camp outs. I love camping.

I miss you.