Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Seven Things About Me That You Never Knew"

So, Rebecca tagged me with this a while ago as punishment for reading her blog post. Curse you aqua scum!!!!! I'm not sure what I'll come up with that you don't humor me and forget that you already know it. Okay?

1. I can't stand it when old emails are left in my inbox. Seriously, I make a mental chore list to go through them and delete or archive them. It drives me nuts if they build up, I usually only keep one or two around if they are an important reminder for me to do something.

2. The smell of honeydew, especially rotting honeydew, makes me want to throw up. This started when I worked at a salad bar. I begged my boss not to make me cut the honeydew and she usually was pretty good about it. Although, I got so many "are you pregnant?" questions!

3. I would rather go to the dentist than the optometrist any day.

4. I feel like a total failure if I don't get to spend a good amount of time outside on a nice day.

5. I have a thing with eyebrows. I notice people and their eyebrows. It bugs me if they are too close together, but more if they are too far apart and too skinny. I always say that they appear as "little caterpillars adorning the corners of their eyes".

6. I always try to look decent. Even after having Pixie, I try to put make-up on every day or just look presentable. I feel completely crappy if I am looking like a schlep.

7. I have a hard time making decisions. I have gotten a bit better, but I found one thing that works great. I ask someone what I should do, they pick, if I don't like it...I say no and have my decision made!


She's in the kitchen! said...

I just thought, "Hey, I wonder if Karen has put on any new posts"! Well, you just did! And now, I know more about you, and may I add, I know more about how silly you can be! Except for the honeydew...NOT silly at all. I think it smells awful too...thought it was just my very own weirdies involved there! But thankfully, no, I am not alone in my weirdness!

Rebecca said...

You both are weird. Honeydew smells great!

You are so much more of a lady than I am. Schlepdom, here I come!