Saturday, December 13, 2008

Missouri Language

Ok, living in Missouri for a long time is hard on your grammar and accent. I find myself slipping once in a while, even more now that I'm a mom and have other things to think about. I'm not tooting my own horn, actually English isn't my strongest suit. I just try to do the best I can.
Yesterday I was in Walmart and I was just about to leave after checking out. The cashier was looking to see if I had left any bags and said "I think that's all ya got". Just as I had turned to leave, I heard her say "All ya got? I think that's all you have". I wheeled around, without thinking, and quite loudly said "Well, good for you!". I then said that it was one of my pet peeves as I turned and hurried away. They probably thought I was a dork, but there are Missourians who are working on their grammar!
I still don't like to hear the word "got", even though it's accepted a lot now. "It's got this or that""It has this or that". Also, which my lovely husband is severely guilty of, is saying "the dog wants out" or "the baby wants up". AH! "The dog wants to come out", "the baby wants to be picked up". I have been guilty of shortening my sentences because I'm lazy and it seems like a lot of work to use so many words sometimes, but I hope I will never, ever use that language!


She's in the kitchen! said...

I think living in Missouri for 15 years has made us real Missourians, so it's okay to talk weird. Yes, I talk weird now. I listen to myself and laugh. Now that hockey season is here, I listen to Dad's NY accent and laugh. Hey, I am from NY! Where is my accent? It's there....lost in my "Missurri" accent...hee hee!

Amy Lee said...

haha! I have been guilty. But, if you think it is bad in Missouri then you should come to the panhandle!!!

Rebecca said...

LOL. Yes, I am lol'ing.

I oh, so know what you mean. It's also horrific when I catch myself talking like a hic--I mean Missourian.

James said...

*SHUDDER* I hate it when I find myself using hickspeak. It's kind of like a contagious disease. If you're around enough infected people long enough, eventually you'll start showing symptoms.

All I can say is keep fighting it. Resist. Wouldn't it be awful to wake up one morning to find yourself trying to "git 'er done".


James said...

Hey! Where's the link to follow your blog? I can't find it :-(