Monday, July 14, 2008

Old Pals

I was looking through some files in my old hotmail account and came across a bunch of old emails with pictures in them. These were the last days of our singlehood and all of us hanging out together! Man, I want to be that skinny again! I actually had a waist! These are from Nov/Dec '04.

Kiz and I had a few matching clothes. We shopped the sales together. Remember throwing clothes back and forth in the dressing rooms?
We all look really white in this light, but this is all 4 of us at Kizzie's wedding. Don't we look young? It was only less than 4 years ago too! I should find the REALLY old pictures.

1 comment:

Kizzie and Andy said...

Ah, to be thin again! Don't we all look so young!? And check out our waist lines in that first picture, we were good lookin'!! Kids do mean things to girls bodies, sad huh?!
I wish we were all close, I miss you girls!!
Love you!